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Freedom of Choice


Freedom of Choice

Imagine going out to eat and ordering a salad, only to have the waiter tell you that you may not have it, that you must have the meat instead. How would you feel? The choice between soup and meat is a fairly benign one, but it demonstrates a characteristic of human nature: we don't like to be forced into decisions we're capable of making for ourselves. We resist compulsion. Even when we face more serious decisions, ones with moral implications, it is important that we can make our own choice. That is what is called Freedom.  


Unfortunately, in Serbia Freedom of Choice was abolished by recent legislations in a very important area of life. In the area of Law and the right to choose at your own free will the Attorney or Lawyer who will represent you.


Those legal changes adopted by Serbian Parliament will force all Citizens to go to Notary Public in search of legal aid in the following areas of Law: Real estate contracts, Matrimonial and Inheritance contract. This exclusivity given to the small group of people formed in 94 elected Notary Public will lead to their monopoly in providing legal assistance in the mentioned areas, and in the end to the full destruction of Autonomy of Will, and Freedom of Choice guaranteed by our Constitution.


This is the main reason why Attorneys in Serbia stood up to meet this challenge.  Constitution gave us our agency and will always respect our freedom to make choices. And this time we made one. We shall defend the Constitution and Freedom of Choice even if it means ceasing to exist! Because if we don’t, then we do not deserve to be called Attorneys, then we are nothing.


And Finally, we shall bring the rule to the Law!


Aleksandar N. Djordjevic, attorney-at-law

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